Tuesday, 22 March 2011

3 Things... I've done instead of what I was meant to.

I'm currently in my last couple of months of university. Needless to say then, there's plenty of work to be in. I spend a lot of time throughout the year eating crisps and pizza in bed and generally being unproductive, and as soon as I have a deadline or something to do I always find more interesting things to do.


As a tactic of doing literally anything but work, I've cleaned a lot. I've cleaned in the morning when I wake up. I've cleaned when I go home for lunch. I clean a lot before I go to bed. Eh, lads?


I got to the point this week where I was trying to put off doing work so much that I decided to work out how many weeks there were in my life instead. I worked out that 80 years is only 4000 weeks. 80 years sounds like a lot longer than 4000 weeks. (I told you I was bored.)


While the mind wanders, so does the imagination. I've come up with some games to
relieve the boredom.

This one involves Facebook and boring status updates and goes as follows...

  • They update a boring status,
  • You comment under their status,
  • They comment,
  • You comment,
  • They comment,
  • You comment,
  • They comment.
You then delete all your comments and they look mental.

The finished result should look something like this...

Now... Back to cleaning.

1 comment:

  1. its actually 4160 weeks pete, sort it out! though i did a genuine lol at deleting your comments on a status. well done.